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2017 International Women’s Day: 2 EASY WAYS TO TAKE PART USING YOUR PHONE

Today marks the 8th International Women’s Day where everyone is encouraged to come together and work on ways to improve a better place for women in the world.

At the moment, the gender gap in society is still very prominent, to the point where the World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186.

If you’d like to help close that gap, here’s how to get involved this March 8:

  1. Share your support for the cause on social media

The best way to spread the word would be promoting your support for bold action via social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, etc) using the ‘hands in’ visual concept.

Share what change you’re going to make to help break the gender gap in our society today

2. Host your own #BeBoldForChange  IWD event

Host an event at work or in a private space and invite speakers to explain the exact moment when they took bold action to help improve their own livelihood, their career or business.

Host a discussion about what constitutes as ‘bold’ action and what have been some of the consequences of taking those actions.

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