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About L4L Nigeria

When it comes to Nigeria and Britain, we avail you the best networks and opportunities for who or what you aspire to become, delivered on a social and relaxed environment.

The world of the future will be dominated by screen technology and by providing access to this L4L believes they are preparing today’s young children for tomorrow.

L4L believes that the education received by school aged children lays down the foundation for life and impacts directly on the effectiveness of secondary and tertiary education. Young school aged children are unafraid of technology, they are curious and ready to learn. They do not lack capability, they lack resources and opportunities. L4L aims to provide both of these.

Children learn best through doing and actively exploring their environment. L4L believes strongly in child-centered learning and in the L4L Computer Clubhouse the teacher is there to facilitate the learning process and encourage collaborative as well as individual explorations through screen based technology.

We aim to provide each child with access to screen based technology as part of an after school programme of activities. Thus each child will become familiar with the latest development in communication technology and confident in its use. This opportunity will enable them to learn, explore, experiment and express themselves in productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in their communities.

Our Approach

L4L Nigeria’s goal is to provide primary school teachers and school-age children in Nigeria with screen-based technologies, software applications, digital content, training and a conducive environment that will empower them to learn, explore, experiment and express themselves in creative and productive ways that will ultimately bring about transformative change in their communities. Our focus is on public primary schools in both rural and urban areas.

The sustainable process includes:

Our Impact

For the past year L4L has been running a pilot project in Kuramo Primary School, Victoria Island, Lagos, the objective of which was to develop a replicable programme for school aged children across Nigeria. L4L provided technical and soft skills training for the teachers, laptops for the teachers and students, internet access and on-going technical support. Activities are centered on the L4L Club, an after-school activity which is open to all children in primary 4-6. Each child has access to his/her own laptop as do teachers who are there to facilitate the learning process using a ‘learning by doing’ approach.

The club activities take place in the L4L Clubhouse, a classroom dedicated for the exclusive use of L4L which has been completely refurbished to provide a conducive and modern environment in which the children and teachers can immerse themselves in the world of ICT. By the end of the 2011/2012 school year over 150 children will have been exposed to using a laptop, become familiar with the screen-based technology, learnt how to search the internet and send emails.

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