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Christmas and New Year are just round the corner and another year comes to an end. It’s been a very interesting year for your Nigeria Britain Association, lots of re-thinking and planning for the future. As I mentioned in October progress on the “Carter Charter” is well underway and a number of things have been achieved. NBA is fundamentally about Relationships, everything flows from there. The difficulty is to distill what that means so that the Membership and Stakeholders can identify and work with the Association in ways that generate benefit for all.

For clarity the Association has now adopted a fundamental policy of “Sponsorship for Public Good”, which means that all Members events will be paid for by Members and not Sponsors who’s funding will only be directed to activities generating added value to the community. Examples being:

  • Computers for Schools without funds
  • Bursaries for 2nd degrees for those without funds
  • Akintola Williams National Youth Debate
  • University Student Exchange between Nigeria and Britain
  • Youth Fora focusing on: Democracy; Economy; Enterprise; Ethics; Social Behaviour; Innovation; Leadership and Mentoring
  • An Experienced International Panel for “I wouldn’t do it that way now”
  • Discrete “ Chatham House Rules” meetings with permanent and elected members of both Countries

There has been lots of progress taking the “Carter Charter” forward, the Committees are working, the administration has been supplemented, a Matrix relating Corporate, Individual and Youth membership to NBA activity developed, a new membership drive is underway etc. Seyi, Editor and Publisher IWA and Council Member took the NBA message to London in November and initiated relationships with many new organisations.

But we have not forgotten to enjoy ourselves as well. We had an excellent, if a bit wet, day at Inagbe Resort in Lagos. Although not yet complete it will be Nigeria’s first international standard beach resort – happily we have been invited back for a day in December next year! NBA’s Dinning Club will be inaugurated in June 2015, we have some jazz nights planned along with other fun events – come along and join in the fun as well as Public Good.

Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

Peter J Muir CBE

President Nigeria Britain Association

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