Nigeria-Britain Association acts as a forum that actively promotes:

  1. The establishment and development of mutually beneficial friendship.
  2. Business enhancement, promotion and networking opportunities (the entire membership is a substantial wholesale client base for bona fide Nigeria and British organisations)
  3. Opportunities to be part of a collective initiative to give back to society.
  4. Global collaborative opportunities via its relationships with partners such as the Britain-Nigeria Business Council (BNBC) United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI) and relevant corporate Commonwealth organisations.
  5. Dedicated interactive programs for members’ families and children.

When it comes to Nigeria and Britain, we avail you the best networks and opportunities for who or what you aspire to become, delivered in a social and relaxed environment.


Individuals: Interested in strengthening ties between Nigeria and Britain.

Corporate organisations: Potential members include:

  1. Business with similar or symbiotic objectives and values
  2. British multinationals
  3. Nigerian companies with affiliations to British organisations
  4. Nigerian companies with branches in the UK

Youth Membership: Potential members include:

  1. Alumni of Nigerian or British Universities (1st or 2nd degrees)
  2. Nigerian post-graduate students in British schools.


Honorary members and sponsors who partner with the association, strategically or financially.

  1. Communities or Schools with sub-standard educational resources
  2. Individuals or groups with physical disabilities
  3. Nigerian youth at various levels (secondary to tertiary education levels), small business owners, etc.
  4. Orphanages



Membership Criteria

  1. Must have completed their first degree
  2. Must be ambitious, with interests in innovation
  3. Ability to pay dues
  4. Between the ages of 21 - 35

Value Proposition

  1. Access to interact with business leaders in their respective fields
  2. Access to business and educational resources
  3. Mentorship, internship, and coaching
  4. Business and career referral
  5. Networking opportunities
  6. Platform to achieve goals through access to coaching and mentorship
  7. Learning opportunities through internships and exchange programs

Membership entry fee: N15,000 and yearly renewal of N10,000 after the first year of entry.




Membership Criteria

  1. Business owners or professionals
  2. Must be minimum of 28 years of age and above.
  3. Nigerian or British origin
  4. Free of criminal or corruption-related cases

General Needs

  1. Business relationships and value-adding collaborations
  2. Access to economic and local information
  3. Rebates and discounts at hotels, airlines, etc.

Value Proposition

  1. Networking opportunities
  2. Avenue to develop business or social relationships with trustworthy Nigerians/ Britons with business interests in Nigeria/Britain
  3. Platform to contribute to community development
  4. Access to social and status-related benefits e.g. discounted luxury experiences, other discounts and rebates on everyday services (these may or not) are services provided by corporate members of the Association)

Membership entry fee: N50,000 & yearly renewal of N25,000 (after the first year of membership entry)



Membership Criteria

  1. Should be either a British or Nigerian organisation with branches either in Nigeria or the UK.
  2. Publicly recognised as an ethical organisation.
  3. Should have budgetary provisions for corporate social investments.

Corporate Membership General Needs

  1. Opportunity to be involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  2. Employee retraining/skill specialisation
  3. Partnership with Nigerian/British organisations seeking to start a business in Nigeria/ Britain.

Value Proposition

  1. Platform to commit to CSR initiatives aimed at providing opportunities to youth (via internships, facilitated workshops, and seminars) and impacting the community positively.
  2. Avenue to increase patronage/loyalty with high-value individual members of the Association

Membership entry fee: N150,000 and yearly renewal of N75,000 after the first year of entry.




Partnership Criteria

  1. Nigerian or British organisations with Nigerian or British interests in mind.
  2. Publicly recognised as an ethical organisation
  3. Clear CSR policies with clearly defined benefits to the community.

Partnership Value Proposition

  1. Platform to contribute to society as a socially responsible organisation
  2. Leverage on N-BA's network of corporate members
  3. Access to target audience e.g. youths
  4. Platform to give back to the community
  5. Direct access to a niche market of individuals and corporate with British and Nigerian interests
  6. Networking opportunities with individuals and corporate with business interests in Nigeria and Britain

Partnership enquiries? Mail: info@nigeria-britain.org or onlinesupport@nigeria-britain.org or call -08125858837

Do you wish to talk to a representation?
Call: +234 812 5858 8837
or alternatively, use the live chat feature